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And it's for everyone who has DNA.

The genetic blueprint for human life has been unveiled.
Recently the "rough draft" of the human genetic blueprint was revealed when scientists released the sequence of the human genome. As a result, great advances in human health are coming our way - along with complex ethical dilemmas. The MyDNA web site is here to bring you the world of DNA in an understandable form. Use this site to discover what issues are most important to you, and how DNA works.

Your DNA - does it determine your biological fate?
If you carry a gene for alcoholism, are you predestined to be an alcoholic? Will health insurance companies deny coverage to people based on their DNA sequences? Why do some people choose to be tested for an incurable genetic disease?
Get answers to your DNA questions.

DNA in the Headlines:

The Bone Collectors: Fullfilling the promise - the amazing and sad story of the men who work full time to bring home from Vietnam the remains of the 1,966 American soldiers still listed as missing in action.

Cancer "Smart Bomb:" Cancer patients suffer greatly from drug and radiation treatments that attack healthy cells along with cancer cells. A new cancer drug for leukemia kills cancer cells - and leaves healthy cells alone.

Brotherly Love: A sister dedicates her life to proving her brother innocent of murder.

Saving Ryan (Privately): The story of a boy with a rare fatal genetic disease, too rare to attract public funding. His family, a scientist, and a pharmaceutical company teamed up to save his life.

The MyDNA Course for Undergraduates Satisfies a General Education Requirement

Students at UMass Amherst, Smith, Mt. Holyoke, Hampshire, and Amherst colleges can enroll in the MyDNA course. No science background is required, and completion of the course satisfies a Gen Ed requirement.

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